Jenni Rivera: Paul Kiesel Interviewed by CNN

Rivera Press Conference

On the one year anniversary of the plane crash that took the lives of Jenni Rivera and six others, CNN has done an investigative report on the new details that have emerged about what might have caused the plane to plunge 28,000 feet into a mountainous area of northern Mexico. Attorney Paul R. Kiesel, who represents the four families involved in the lawsuit, said he expects it will be “a couple of years” before a trial date will be set for the lawsuit. “As for the case, we’re continuing with the underlying investigation as to why the plane fell out of the sky. Was it pilot error? Mechanical failure? We’re now taking depositions from individuals who chartered the plane to find out more,” Kiesel said. When CNN asked how the victims’ families were coping as the anniversary of the plane crash approaches, Kiesel said his clients are staying out of the spotlight citing a significant amount of media intrusion over the past year.