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Kiesel Law LLP is a nationally recognized consumer litigation firm specializing in complex litigation, class action, catastrophic injury, consumer fraud, pharmaceutical and medical device injury, unfair business practices, construction defect, truck accident and environmental litigation.


Federal Express Bus Crash Lawsuit Filed

Kiesel Law LLP has filed a wrongful death action on behalf of the family of Ismael Jimenez against FedEx and Volvo, the manufacturer of the FedEx truck.

Paul Kiesel stated at the May 20, 2014, news conference that the lawsuit is on behalf of Ismael Jimenez, 18, an aspiring college student and artist. Ismael and other high school seniors were headed north for a tour of Humboldt State University when the bus was struck head-on by the FedEx truck.

"Ismael sacrificed his life to save the lives of other students on the bus," noted Kiesel. "This was the Bus Full of Dreams, because these were disadvantaged children who had excelled in school and were the first in their families to attend college."

"Liability rests first and foremost with Federal Express. Federal Express owned, maintained and ran that tractor unit," said Kiesel. "By bringing this claim now, it gives the family the legal right to determine why this tragic crash happened."

Ismael Jimenez rushed to the front of the bus as it was filling with smoke, broke out a window and helped lift others to safety. Evelin Jimenez, Ismael's sister, said, "He could have saved his own life, but he put the lives of others first. He is a Hero."


$4,014,069.00 Verdict on Behalf of Tractor-Trailer Collision Victim

"And now you know why we are here" were the words that attorney Paul R. Kiesel used in rebuttal at the close of a ten day trial in Santa Rosa. Paul was reminding the jury of the defense lawyer's opening statement two weeks earlier when the Defendant trucking company admitted full responsibility for the crash and it's lawyer said "We want to make it right".

This personal injury trial focused on injuries that the Plaintiff sustained when his stopped pickup truck was rear-ended by the Defendant's 45,000 pound Tractor-Trailer that was traveling at 45 miles per hour at the time of the impact. The driver of the pickup truck, who was 22 years of age at the time of the crash, suffered Compression Fractures of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thoracic vertebrae, was confined to a body cast for 9 months, has undergone (and continues to need) post-accident medical care and treatment and he has and – for the rest of his life - will continue to experience a lifetime of daily constant pain. However, as the trial progressed, it became apparent to the jury that there was a sizeable gap between defense lawyer's words and their true intentions. Not only did the defense lawyer disagree with the Victim's expert witnesses during the trial, which included treating physicians from the Mayo Clinic and St. Jude's Medical Center, the defense attorney ended up greatly disagreeing with the defense's very own expert witnesses as to the costs of that lifetime of future medical care and the lost earning capacity that this young man sustained due to the Defendant's own (admitted) negligence.

Rather than "making it right" it became obvious to the jury that the defense was only attempting to minimize, reduce and avoid financial responsibility for the crippling injuries that its driver's negligent operation of the Big-Rig caused. Because the defense lawyer and the defense of the case didn't do so, it was left to the jury to "make it right," and they did by returning this sizeable verdict on the Victim's behalf.


Paul Kiesel Profiled in Daily Journal

The Daily Journal did an in-depth article on the career of attorney Paul Kiesel entitled "Back to Basics". The story looks at Paul's accomplishments and, more importantly, future plans both for him and for the firm that bears his name. " I have always said I was a trial lawyer. It had been a long time since I was consistently back in trial, so it's quite fun for me." And very productive. In the past several months, Paul has completed three jury trials resulting in significant damages awarded to his clients. For the complete Daily Journal article, please click below.


Hip Replacement Lawsuit Verdict

The final verdict was announced in the first DePuy ASR lawsuit in the nation to go to trial. The plaintiff, Loren Kransky, a retired prison guard who received a DePuy ASR XL metal-on-metal hip implant in 2007, was awarded an $8.3 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson, DePuy's parent company, for injuries, pain, emotional distress, and medical expenses he incurred as a result of his defective hip device. The verdict was announced after the jury saw and heard evidence of Mr. Kransky's injuries, including metal poisoning, dislocation, and the need for a complicated revision surgery. There are over 10,000 additional personal injury cases that have been filed against DePuy alleging similar injuries.

DePuy Orthopaedics announced the recall of the ASR hip implant devices in mid-2010, after data from the National Joint Registry of England and Wales revealed that one out of every eight patients who had received the devices had to undergo painful and expensive revision surgery. It is estimated that over 90,000 people have received the ASR hip implant worldwide. The ASR hip system consists of a metal ball and socket which are susceptible to heavy wear, leading to the release of metal ions and debris into the patient's bloodstream. As a result, many metal-on-metal hip implant recipients suffer metal poisoning, or metallosis, which may cause pain, tissue death around the implant, and loss of cognitive function. Oftentimes, however, patients experience no physical symptoms at all until it is too late. Therefore, if you have received a DePuy hip implant, it is important you contact your doctor to evaluate the possible release of metal ions in the bloodstream.

Kiesel Law, LLP works tirelessly to achieve just compensation for our clients who are suffering injuries related to their metal-on-metal hip implants. We are currently prosecuting cases against several manufacturers of these devices, including DePuy, Wright Medical Technology, Stryker, and Biomet. If you have been implanted with a DePuy ASR device, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. For a free consultation and case review, please contact our attorneys today.

DePuy ASR Hip Implant

Wright Conserve Hip Implant Litigation

Biomet Hip Implant Litigation

Zimmer Hip Implant Litigation

Kiesel Law LLP represents consumers who have suffered as a result of the failure of DePuy ASR, Wright Conserve, Biomet and Zimmer Hip Implants.

Several studies have determined that the DePuy ASR™ implants have been failing for various reasons such as cup loosening, metallosis and high levels of cobalt-chromium ions in a patient's body. The ASR devices were formally recalled on August 24, 2010. The DePuy recall letter noted revision rates of 13% after 5 years, which were already higher than industry standards. New data presented at the British Hip Society Annual Conference in March 2011 revealed a failure rate of 21% at 4 years and 49% at 6 years! This means a patient with an ASR device has an almost 50% chance of needing a revision surgery to replace it after only 6 years.

The Wright Medical Conserve® Cup features a similar design to the DePuy ASR™ Cup. The Wright Conserve® Hip Implant System is a metal-on-metal design, which consists of cast cobalt chromium molybdenum that provides the receptacle for the cobalt chromium molybdenum femoral head. The metal femoral head rotates within the metal monoblock Conserve® Cup, without a liner, resulting in the release of metal particles that can cause metal toxicity in the blood, soft tissue and bone. This can result in metallosis, tissue necrosis, pseudotumors and other serious health problems.


February 2014 Release of Religious Orders Files

After eleven years of litigation and a six year battle over the release of files, the more than 600 victims of clergy sexual abuse have secured for publication, additional confidential files which reveal a painful history of cover-up and betrayal by the Catholic Church. The confidential files were turned over to the victims as part of global settlement with the Archdiocese by the Benedictine Fathers of Sacred Heart Mission, Inc. aka St. Gregory's Abbey, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus aka The Cabrini Sisters, the U.S Province of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Inc., the Oblate Fathers Western Province, Inc., the Marianist Province of the United States and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. "In the six years since the historic settlement was reached, our firm never wavered in our commitment to see that these secret files would be released to the public" said attorney Paul Kiesel.


Jenni Rivera: Paul Kiesel Interviewed by CNN

On the one year anniversary of the plane crash that took the lives of Jenni Rivera and six others, CNN has done an investigative report on the new details that have emerged about what might have caused the plane to plunge 28,000 feet into a mountainous area of northern Mexico. Attorney Paul R. Kiesel, who represents the four families involved in the lawsuit, said he expects it will be "a couple of years" before a trial date will be set for the lawsuit.

"As for the case, we're continuing with the underlying investigation as to why the plane fell out of the sky. Was it pilot error? Mechanical failure? We're now taking depositions from individuals who chartered the plane to find out more," Kiesel said. When CNN asked how the victims' families were coping as the anniversary of the plane crash approaches, Kiesel said his clients are staying out of the spotlight citing a significant amount of media intrusion over the past year.


Judge Rules on Jenni Rivera Case

In a major ruling, Superior Court Judge Holly Kendig rejected a motion by Starwood Management Inc., the company that operated the doomed Learjet, calling for the case to be dismissed in California and moved to Mexico.

Rivera, a Mexican-American superstar musician, and six other people were killed in the Dec. 9 crash in northern Mexico. Kiesel Law represents the families of Jennie Rivera's publicist, Arturo Rivera; makeup artist, Jacobo Yebale; lawyer Mario Macias and hair stylist, Jorge Sanchez.

Attorney Paul Kiesel, said the plane was registered in the U.S. and Starwood is incorporated in Nevada. He also said investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board were having the plane's wreckage examined in the U.S. and assisting Mexican authorities.

Rivera, 43, died as her career was peaking. She was the queen of grupero style of singing, and had moved into acting and reality television.


Jenni Rivera Plane Crash Lawsuit Filed

Kiesel Law has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the families of those who perished from the crash of the plane that was carrying Jenni Rivera on a flight from Monterrey to Mexico City on December 9, 2012.

Paul Kiesel announced at a press conference held in Los Angeles that his firm represents the families of Jennie Rivera's publicist, Arturo Rivera; makeup artist, Jacobo Yebale; lawyer Mario Macias and hair stylist, Jorge Sanchez. The grieving families want answers to questions including why their loved ones were flying on a 43 year old Learjet with a long history of maintenance problems and prior substantial wing and airframe structural damage.

The families also want to know why the plane was being flown by 78 and 20 year old pilots who were not properly licensed. Paul Kiesel told the packed press conference "We intend to fully investigate these and all other questions our clients have, and to ensure that the corporate entities who were responsible for this tragedy are held accountable."

Paul Kiesel speaking at the press conference held in Los Angeles.

....Complaint for Damages....

Vance Owen, an experienced personal injury and wrongful death litigator with offices in Corpus Christi, Texas, will act as co-counsel on behalf of all plaintiffs.



Ground Breaking Decision Reached by Jury in Trial

Paul Kiesel and Thom Peters of Kiesel Law LLP, won a major victory for clients Nathaniel T. and Gary R. when their two week trial concluded with a first in the nation decision by the Superior Court jury in Riverside, California. The 12 person jury unanimously decided that a magazine clearing house, Atlantic Circulation Inc., was the employer of Nathaniel and Gary, who traveled from town to town knocking on doors selling magazines for the exclusive benefit of the magazine clearing house. This finding is believed to be the first verdict in the history of the industry where a clearing house has been found to be the employer of the sales personnel.

Prior to this trial, magazine clearing houses in California and across the country enjoyed all the benefits of the employee/employer relationship without any of the responsibilities of the relationship. These magazine clearing houses employ thousands of young men and women working up to 12 hours a day exclusively selling magazine subscriptions on behalf of the clearing houses. In the case of Atlantic Circulation, Inc., the company decided where the sales people could sell, decided which magazines they could sell, decided which sales pitch would be used, and prohibited sales of competitors' products.

Riverside Superior Court, location of trial

Atlantic Circulation Inc. greatly benefited from this employer/employee relationship, but when Nathaniel and Gary were seriously injured during their work for Atlantic Circulation, injuries that resulted in multiple compound fractures and devastating permanent brain damage, the company refused to provide any benefits, medical or otherwise, to these two young men. Instead, Atlantic Circulation insisted that the young men were, at most, independent contractors who were not entitled to any compensation at all.

"Atlantic was convinced that no jury would find our clients to have been Atlantic's employees because the boys had signed independent contractor agreements," said Thom Peters, "but when we put all of the evidence before the jury, they concluded that Atlantic was indeed the boys' employer, with all of the obligations that relationship entails. "

"Thanks to the outstanding decision reached by this jury, magazine clearing house corporations will be held accountable when young men and women are injured during the course and scope of their employment for that company", according to Paul Kiesel. "This is not only a big, life altering decision for our two brave clients, who were so seriously injured, but is a victory for all people who were, until now, in a relationship with corporations where the company held all the control and benefits, without any of the potential liability to those who worked for them".


Kiesel Technology Articles

Paul Kiesel was named one of "America's 12 Techiest Lawyers" by the ABA Journal and takes pride in the fact that the firm's technological advancements allow its attorneys to travel the world and still never lose touch with their clients. Paul prides himself on being "the easiest lawyer to reach in America because no matter where I am in the world, I get the message." Please click on the link below to access some of Paul's recent columns.



Latest Release of Religious Orders Files

New Documents Released on November 21, 2013

New Documents Released on October 9, 2013


September Release of Religious Orders Files

Files further document the evidence of cover-up and callous disregard for safety of children


Religious Orders Release Files

First set of Files that document the evidence of cover-up and callous disregard for safety of children


Dedication of New Kiesel Advocacy Center

Whittier Law School held dedication ceremonies for the opening of the Kiesel Advocacy Center, a new 4,400 square foot courtroom that contains a spectator gallery of 134 seats, a jury deliberation room and judge's chamber.

The dedication of this state-of-the-art facility was presided over by California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye.

The courtroom was funded by donations, including a major donation by Paul Kiesel, a partner in the law firm of Kiesel Law LLP, Beverly Hills. Kiesel graduated from Whittier Law School in 1985, and was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Law in 2005.

Paul and Dana Kiesel at cutting ribbon ceremony

"From its planning stages, I intended the Kiesel Advocacy Center to create greater engagement between Whittier Law School and the entire legal community," said Kiesel. "Whittier has a very rich tradition of training advocates who represent those who would otherwise be without a voice. I hope the Center inspires future generations of advocates."


Los Angeles Archdiocese Releases Files

Level of Cover-up Far Surpasses Worst Fears

After eleven years of litigation and a six year battle over the release of files, the more than 600 victims of clergy sexual abuse have finally secured the confidential files which reveal a painful history of cover-up and betrayal by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The confidential files were turned over Thursday evening to the victims as part of global settlement wth the Archdiocese. What's contained in the files is "chilling," Raymond Boucher said.

"Every bishop and every vicar of clergy has been so indoctrinated with the view of protecting the church from scandal that they allowed heinous crimes to be committed," he said.

"That's the irony in all of this. In their vain attempts to protect the image of the church, they've tarnished it beyond repair."


Los Angeles Archdiocese Releases Files

Archdiocese Released Documents


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